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Romantic Historical Women's Fiction with a touch of spice

In 1872, life can change as unexpectedly as the prairie winds.

All her life, Livvie McLain has dreamed of the kind of love she read about in her grandparents’ letters written to each other while courting. Nevertheless, she believes her mother's prophecy—she wasn't born with that kind of fortune. When she falls for the ruggedly handsome and witty cowboy, Justus Bennett, Livvie finds herself in a dreadful predicament. She believes he must be too good to be true and she is unworthy.

Justus has spent the past six years consumed in the affairs of his inherited family ranch; the same ranch he once ran away from, vowing he would never return. Now, he's ready for a love to share his home and livelihood with, but his prospects of finding her are slim to none. When Olivia Palmer, a.k.a. Livvie McLain, tumbles into his life, he knows he's found the one with whom he wants to spend his life.

However, Livvie’s own web of secrets, including the man Livvie dared to escape, is threatening to destroy their chance at a future together.

About the Author

Amanda Speights has always had a vivid imagination and a love for ​the written word. As a child, she was often teased for having her ​nose stuck in a book, but those early years of reading and dreaming ​helped shape her into the author she is today. Based in the foothills ​of the Rocky Mountains, Amanda writes historical women’s fiction ​with a touch of spice, drawing inspiration from her love of badass ​women and steamy romances.

Her debut novel, "Love's Arrival," kicked off the Laurel Springs series, ​set in the American West during the late 1800s. Amanda enjoys ​connecting with readers and offers a newsletter to keep fans ​updated on her latest releases and book news. Followers can also ​connect with her on Instagram @amandajspeights.

When she's not writing her next historical romance, Amanda enjoys ​homeschooling her young daughter and reading works of historical ​fiction featuring strong female characters.

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Reader Reviews for

Love's Arrival

You can tell a good book when you can picture everything vividly in your head as you read it. This was one of those books for me. I was transported to the 1800’s, into these character’s lives. Just enough detail but not at all dragging on. And it has it all- steamy scenes, controversial topics, action, thoughtful conversations, characters you love to love and love to hate. Great book!

~ Amazon Review

Love’s Arrival transports readers back in time for a swoony western romance. This book highlights the unfairness for women of the time, but offsets that with spicy, romantic scenes for a fun romp through 19th century Colorado territory.

~ Amazon Review

Love's Arrival will capture you from the start. I could not put this book down!

Taking place in the 1800's, there were no details overlooked by this author. Amanda takes you back in time, giving you a snapshot of sweet young Livvie's life before a pure serendipity of a romance evolves with a strikingly handsome and rugged cowboy.

Their trials along the way will keep you wanting more. Love, excitement, delight, sadness, anger, suspense... This author left no emotion unturned.

This is a must-read if you enjoy an amazingly well written, spicy, historical romance!

~Barnes & Noble Review

Love's Arrival draws the reader into a fully realized, authentic imagining of life in the Colorado Territory during the 1870s, a few years after the end of the Civil War. Livvie's journey to Colorado to escape her ill-intentioned brother-in-law kicks off a delightful western romance, rich with historic dialogue and details. Amanda Speights expertly balances realistic period dialogue, well-drawn descriptions, and the characters' inner thoughts for an exciting story with a satisfying ending. With their harrowing pasts, Livvie and Justus are well developed protagonists, and the reader can't help but root for their relationship to blossom and grow.

~Barnes & Noble Review

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